Monday, August 26, 2013

One Direction at Manhattan Kosher Steak House

AMONG THE PLACES YOU DON'T expect to see popular boy bands would be a fancy kosher restaurant. But that's exactly where One Direction's Harry Styles was spotted late last week.

Styles, who isn't Jewish, is the star of the wildly popular British boy band One Direction. According to the Algemeiner website Styles stopped by one of Manhattan’s most popular kosher restaurants, Le Marais. Outside of the French steak house, Styles posed for selfies with his adoring fans.

Styles sported a blue knitted kippa embroidered with his name, which was given to him as a birthday gift by his friend, director Ben Winston.

Despite possessing a Hebrew tattoo spelling his sister Gemma’s name and tweeting from time to time about Jewish holidays, Styles is not Jewish. Responding to inquiries on the matter, Des Styles, the star’s father wrote earlier this month on Twitter, “Still lots of queries asking if H is some % Jewish? No idea where any rumours came from in but, categorically, he is 0% Jewish. Not at all.X”

No word on what Styles ate at Le Marais.

Harry Styles outside a kosher restaurant. Photo: 1DMofosUpdates via Twitter.

One Direction star Harry Styles with fans outside Le Marais kosher restaurant in NYC. Photo: 1DMofosUpdates via Twitter.

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