Monday, November 4, 2013

Simon Cowell's Jewish Wedding

ACCORDING TO AN ARTICLE IN The Daily Mall Reality TV host Simon Cowell plans to be married in a traditional Jewish wedding, complete with kosher food.

The British musical reality shows judge is said to be taking Israeli folk dance classes in preparation for his wedding to his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, who is Jewish. According to reports, the couple's wedding will be officiated by a rabbi.

The Daily Mall reports that Simon Cowell, 54, the English eternal judge of musical reality shows, plans to get married in a Jewish wedding, his good friends say. Cowell, who was born to a Jewish father, is set to marry his pregnant Jewish girlfriend Lauren Silverman in the coming year, and the two will be blessed by a rabbi.

The Daily Mail reports that a source close to the couple told Heat magazine, "Simon and Lauren have spoken very openly about marriage and he’s told pals he may even propose by the end of the year."

Simon Cowell - Credit:

In recent weeks Cowell has even been taking lessons in Israeli folk dances and traditional Jewish dances, and plans to show off his abilities during the wedding.

According to the Daily Mail, Cowell and Silverman will also have a Christian wedding ceremony near his mother's home in Sussex. Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman are expecting their first baby in February and Cowell has publicly stated that he will quit smoking before the baby arrives.

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