Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mike Meyers is Supermensch

ACCORDING TO AN ARTICLE ON the JTA website actor Mike Myers, the former Saturday Night Live actor who played Austin Powers, is set to direct a new movie called "Supermensch."

The film will focus on the career of talent manager Shep Gordon. Gordon caught the interest of Myers while he was on the set of 90′s classic, Wayne’s World. After some begging and pleading to Shep, Myers got the rights to use Alice Cooper’s song, “Feed my Frankenstein” in the film, as well as an appearance by Cooper himself. Myers and Shep have been friends ever since.

Mike Myers told Deadline, “I met Shep Gordon in 1991 on the set of Wayne’s World. I thought he was a perfect combination of Brian Epstein, Marshall McLuhan and Mr Magoo. I’ve been trying to get Shep to agree to let me make a movie about him for 10 years,” Myers said in a statement. “Last year he finally he said yes. I loved him like a brother before we started making this film and now having sifted through his life and his legacy, I love him even more.”