Sunday, January 19, 2014

Drake On Saturday Night Live Reflects On His Bar Mitzvah

LAST NIGHT DRAKE HOSTED Saturday Night Live's season premier. On the first SNL show of the year Jewish and Black stereotypes were offered a plenty. The famous rapper opened the show by explaining that he's from Canada, was in the TV show Degrassi Junior High, and that his mother is Jewish and his father is Black.

He then had a flashback to his bar mitzvah in 1999 when both sides of his family met for the very first time.

Wearing a big white kippah (yarmulke), Drizzy gave his bar mitzvah speech in which he sang a rap to the tune of Hava Nagila.

Yes there were quite a few stereotypes about both Jews and African Americans, like when his Jewish uncle gave him a check for $18 (chai) and his Black uncle gave him a check for a $1,000 but told him to wait 90 days to cash it, but these were all in jest and it's Saturday Night Live after all... CONTINUE READING AND WATCH THE SNL VIDEO

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