Friday, May 2, 2014

Seth Meyers Isn't Jewish But Gets a Yarmulke

SETH MEYERS TOOK A COUPLE MINUTES of his late night television show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, to explain that Seth Meyers is not Jewish. Why did he do this? Well, it turns out that a guest on the show the night before presented Meyers with a Montreal Expos kippah (yarmulke) thinking that the talk show host and former Saturday Night Live star was Jewish (video below).

So, Meyers had an intimate 2-minute monologue while seated behind his desk in which he explained that while his paternal grandfather was Jewish (hence the Jewish surname), he is not Jewish. Meyers then went on to say that every Jewish person thinks that he's Jewish because of the last name, the face and basically everything about him.

Meyers talked personally about his Jewish wife, Alexi Ashe, whom he married under a chuppah last year and his Jewish in-laws who were initially disappointed to learn he wasn't Jewish when he was dating their daughter. Today, Meyers says he observes Passover with his wife's family and considers himself Jew-ish ("it's the only religion that has 'ish' at the end of its name!). He jokingly explained that he doesn't like to tell Jewish people that he's not Jewish because that sounds like something you'd say to get membership into a 1950s country club.

Seth Meyers and his Jewish wife Alexi Ashe (Wiki Commons)

Meyers promised to wear the Montreal Expos kippah at next year's Passover seder... until his wife tells him to take that off because it looks ridiculous.

Rabbi Jason Miller is the co-founder of the blog and a rabbi, educator and blogger who lives in Detroit, Michigan with his wife and three children. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @RabbiJason.