Saturday, March 21, 2015

Michael Douglas and Hollywood’s Jewish Identity Problem

“AND THE AWARD FOR 'BEST PUBLIC statement on the Jewish condition by a Jew in the entertainment business’’’?

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin
“The envelope, please...”

Michael Douglas.

Yes, that Michael Douglas — as in Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street,” Liberace in “Behind the Candelabra.”

In a recent essay in the Los Angeles Times, Douglas recounts how his family was on vacation in southern Europe, and his son Dylan was subjected to anti-Semitic verbal abuse at the hotel pool. Dylan was wearing a Star of David necklace.

This incident prompted Douglas to talk to his son about the pervasive presence of anti-Semitism in the world. In the essay, Douglas analyzes the reasons for the uptick in anti-Semitism. He reminds us that it is everyone’s duty to stand up to the forces of hatred and bigotry that are all too present in the world.

Douglas and his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, had taken Dylan to Israel for his bar mitzvah ceremony last summer. Then, in January, Douglas received the 2015 Genesis Prize, which honors “exceptional people whose values and achievements will inspire the next generation of Jews.”

Michael Douglas, Kirk-Douglas and Michael's son at his bar mitzvah
Michael Douglas, Kirk-Douglas and Michael's son at his bar mitzvah
There is a shortage of “Jewish Jews” in the entertainment business. While we can all name our own favorite exceptions to the rule, the fact is, when it comes to Judaism and Jewish connections, much of the entertainment industry is a Judaism-free zone. When we scan the list of famous Jewish actors and actresses, we find very few who seem to do anything Jewish with their lives.