Sunday, June 14, 2015

Howard Stern's Daughter's an Orthodox Jew Now

WHO KNEW THAT ONE OF HOWARD STERN'S DAUGHTERS had become an Orthodox Jew? It's true. While Howard Stern and his ex-wife Alison Berns raised their three daughters in the Reform Jewish denomination, their oldest daughter, Emily, is a ba'alat teshuva (one who becomes an observant Jew as an adult).

The country's most famous Radio Shock Jock and one of the judges on "America's Got Talent" has a daughter who has studied in a couple yeshivahs in Manhattan including Drisha and also has studied in Jerusalem. She can quote Talmud and midrashic commentaries.

Emily Stern's path toward Orthodox Judaism and her artistic projects were revealed in a recent podcast of Jew in the City, when Allison Josephs interviewed her over the phone.

Emily Stern explained that while she was majoring in theater at NYU when she randomly walked into a havdalah service at Romemu on the Upper West Side. She was spiritually moved and eventually studied at the Drisha Institue and at Nishmat, a women's seminary in Israel.

Howard Stern's daughter Emily Stern

On the podcast, Josephs' shies away from asking Emily Stern about her famous father although it seems that she wants to do just that. They discuss her art projects, original poetry that is inspired by the Torah and her latest venture is a photography project, "The Wells of Miriam."