Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The NASCAR Driver from Israel

I RECENTLY WROTE A BLOG POST ABOUT NASCAR DRIVER ALON DAY, who is both Jewish and Israeli. He's from Ashdod and since a recent article in Sports Illustrated, he's been the biggest story in NASCAR.

One really does a double take when you see Alon Day's racecar sporting the logos of the Anti-Defamation League, the Israel Football League and the Jewish Federation. An attorney named David Levin has been trying to raise funds to get a big name sponsor for his car (the main sponsor will pay a million dollars).

Alon Day led his team to its first-ever first place finish. While he didn't get to drive the team's car in the victory lap, he did manage to hold a top ten position and for a while even maintained second place.

It's great to see a NASCAR driver who is so proud of his Jewish and Israeli heritage. I hope he enjoys much success in his motorsports career. You can read my full blog post on the Rabbi With a Blog website.

Israeli Jewish Alon Day - NASCAR Driver