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The PopJewish Blog: Where Jewish Wisdom and Pop Culture Meet

This blog focuses on Jewish ideas and themes from television, movies, music, art and sports. All blog posts contain pop culture references and Jewish wisdom from the perspective of 21st century rabbis.

Popular culture affects us all. It permeates the air we breathe. Though certain segments of our Jewish brethren shun pop-culture to preserve Jewish values, we will take a more integrative route. Instead of enjoying pop-culture strictly as escapist entertainment, we will merge it with our religious sensibilities in holy matrimony. Our mission entails extracting and infusing Jewish wisdom, theology, and lessons in popular culture and sharing these ideas and dialogues with you. So continue to consume the gifts and enjoyments of pop culture, (as long as it's something you enjoy and does not compromise your spiritual growth) and we will, with you, infuse; better yet- we will lift out the Jewish wisdom found within all spheres of pop-culture.

We are a group of young rabbis from around the country and spanning the denominations who have united to show the Jewish world the holistic Jewish wisdom found wherever we look, so long as we are receptive to its insights. We have chosen to utilize the medium of popular culture because of its prevalence in our lives. Part of our inspiration for this effort can be attributed to Abraham Joshua Heschel who famously told a student of his, "unless you can play baseball, you'll never get to be a rabbi in America." It is with this purpose and mission in mind that we present our new and exciting project- PopJewish. We can't wait to study with you!

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